Custom notification

First create a partial class outside of the Devdog/InventoryPro folder. Make sure the namespace and class name are exactly the same as those of the internal code (see code below):

namespace Devdog.InventoryPro
    public partial class LangDatabase
        public InventoryNoticeMessage myCustomMessage = new InventoryNoticeMessage("", "Default message name", NoticeDuration.Medium, Color.white);

This will merge your custom message attributes with the build-in language database. Now we can access the “myCustomMessage” notification from anywhere in our code.

InventoryManager.langDatabase.myCustomMessage.Show(, item.description); // Pass in as many parameters as you like

The parameters passed in .Show() can be used inside your message as {0}, {1}, etc… By default all messages regarding an inventory item can use {0} for the item name and {1} for the item description.

  • {0} = Item name
  • {1} = Item description

For example: “You sold item {0}”, will result in “You sold item Apple”.