UFPS Multiplayer

Step 1

First locate the game mode you wish to use.


Disable or remove the vp_MPPickupManager component


Add the InventoryMPUFPSPickupManager component

Step 2 - The player

Next we'll need to set up the player, the player that is instantiated at the start of the game is set in the vp_MPPlayerSpawner which is located on play mode GameObject.

To set up your own character select the available player type.

  • Local prefab - The local player that will be spawned. The player we control.
  • Remote prefab - The character that represents other players. The object that other players control.

Next, select the Local prefab. Once you've got the local prefab selected add the following components:

  • InventoryUFPSInputController - Binds the UFPS Input and Inventory Pro's UI.
    • Make sure you assign the Input field
    • Make sure you assign the Crosshair
  • InventoryPlayer - Defines the Inventory Pro player.
    • Select Dynamically Find UI Elements
    • Set the path to the Character UI Path, Inventories and Skillbar.