Playmaker events

In order to use PlayMaker events on a collection you'll need to add the event proxy script on the collection from which the events originate. The script can be found in the add component menu under "InventorySystem/Integration/PlayMaker/Item collection event proxy". This component will relay the events from Inventory Pro to PlayMaker.


Due to PlayMakers nature with events, the events will have to be added manually to the event browser. No worries, it's quite simple, and you'll only have to do it once.

The following events can be added to the event browser. You're not required to add all events, those that are not defined simply won't be invoked. Some events like OnAddedItem send the actual item that was added to PlayMaker.

This item can then be used inside your PlayMaker fsm. The event item will be stored in "INV_PRO/Event_Item", and the event number will be stored in "INV_PRO/Event_Int".


Keep in mind that each time an event is fired the INV_PRO/Event_Item and Event_Int are overwritten**

Event Event variable Event variable info
INV_PRO/OnAddedItem INV_PRO/Event_Item Added item
INV_PRO/OnUsedReference INV_PRO/Event_Item Used item
INV_PRO/OnUsedItem INV_PRO/Event_Item Used item
INV_PRO/OnResized INV_PRO/Event_Int New collection size
INV_PRO/OnRemovedReference INV_PRO/Event_Item Removed item
INV_PRO/OnRemovedItem INV_PRO/Event_Item Removed item
INV_PRO/OnDroppedItem INV_PRO/Event_Item Dropped item